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32in Stainless Steel Ledge Double Bowl Kitchen Sink (50/50)

This 32x18in Stainless Steel Ledge Double Bowl Kitchen Sink is a must add to achieve a modern and high-end kitchen. With its handcrafted 16gauges and 304 Stainless Steel, it is purposefully created for high durability.

  • Protected by an undercoat of sound & vibration dampening
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • 9in deep allows you to store any pans and pots without feeling cluttered!
  • Accessories included: 2x grills to maximize the protection of the sink surface, 1x rolling mat grid and 2 strainers

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Material:  Premium Stainless Steel SUS304
Stainless Steel Gauge: 16
Installation: Overmount or Undermount
Type of Bowl: Double
lncludes 2 grills, 1 rolling mat grill, 2 strainers and 1 set of screws
Content: 18/10 Chrome/Nickel
Hand made
Radius: 10

Exterior measures: 32"x18"x9"
Box Dimensions:

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