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Toilet IM-0310

10in Installation from Finished Wall One-piece Toilet

One-piece toilet 10in from wall with Dual-Flush

Toilette monopièce 10pouces du mur

This glossy polished white toilet is a one-piece toilet, linking effortlessly the bowl and the tank for an easy maintenance, cleaning and installation. It uses the new Siphonic Flushing Technology that cleans two times more efficiently compared to traditional toilets and it has a built-in High Power Flush yet low water consumption (saves water).

Toilet 10in distance

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Easy maintenance and cleaning
Quiet-close Seat: Yes
Maximum Gallon per Flush (GPF): 1.1-1.6 Gpf (4.0/6.0 Lpf)
Maximum Performance (Map): 1000g

Diameter of Toilet Drain: 50mm
Color: Polished White
Installation Type: Floor
Material: Ceramic

Product Dimensions:
Box Dimensions:

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