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Matte Black One-piece Dual-Flush Toilet

This new matte black toilet gives a modern look to your bathroom. With the characteristics of a 1 Piece toilet, it links the bowl and the tank for an easy maintenance, cleaning and installation.

PLEASE NOTE that black toilets have slight uneven textures due to the matte black color. Its dark color can emphasize on those uneven textures.


  • Simply use a soft microfiber cloth with warm water to clean
  • AVOID using any abrasive cleaning products including acidic natural products on the product such as vinegar, detergents, lemon/ limes, etc. This also applies to matte black faucets, taps, strainers & showers!

Failure to clean correctly your products resulting in a damaged product is NOT considered as a manufacturer's defects under the product warranty.

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Easy maintenance and cleaning
Quiet-close Seat: Yes
Maximum Gallon per Flush (GPF): 1.1-1.6 Gpf (4.0/6.0 Lpf)
Maximum Performance (Map): 1000g

Diameter of Toilet Drain: 50mm

Flush Type: Siphonic
Color: Matte Black
Installation Type: Floor
Material: Ceramic

Distance from a finished wall to toilet drain: 12in

Product Dimensions:
Box Dimensions:

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